Welcome to Festoons Wireless, an authorized Page Plus dealer.

Activations and ESN Changes are only $1.99 and are completed quickly the same day. Check your email box for a speedy confirmation message that will be sent upon successful activation. ($2 free talk time is included.)

Having a live human activate your service is much better than having an automated script try to do it. Problems regularly pop up with automated scripts which can cause long delays in activations until a live person becomes available to fix the problem. Demand personal attention for your activation. Demand a live human being. We will double-check your information and personally activate your phone, and do it the same day.

Transferring your phone number from other carriers is also performed, and includes $2 worth of free talk time.

There are no contracts or credit checks. You are never under any obligation. That's how good Page Plus wireless service is. You can leave Page Plus at any time, no questions asked.

To activate your phone, please include the following information in the Notes section of your PayPal payment (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and eCheck are also accepted):

1) ESN or MEID of your phone. (This is a string of numbers printed on your phone underneath the battery. Letters might be mixed in with the numbers.)

2) Your zip code.

3) The make and model of your phone, if you know it. (Example: Motorola V3m)

If for some reason, the activation cannot be performed, your payment will be fully refunded. (For example, phones cannot be activated that have been reported lost/stolen, or that have unpaid bills with Verizon or Page Plus.)

We also provide these other services:

ESN Changes (transferring your favorite Phone Number from an old phone to a different phone)
[In this case, simply provide the Phone Number and the ESN/MEID of both phones.]

ESN Swap (switching phone numbers between 2 phones)

Regular Phone Number Changes.

And even transferring your Verizon phone (and its number) to Page Plus Cellular, but be prepared to pay an early termination fee to Verizon if you're still under contract.

If your phone is currently activated on another carrier, you need a Port instead of an Activation. A port will transfer your number to Page Plus from your other carrier. If you need a port, please mention "PORT" in the Notes section of your PayPal payment.

Blackberries cannot be activated anymore.

If interested in any of these services, you can use the following secure PayPal button to buy them, as all services are priced the same (even the more-involved ESN Swap, which some charge $10 for).

Only $1.99

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Your satisfaction is 100-percent guaranteed. Thank you.

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